Sunday, 2 February 2020


The first event in 2020 for the Melbourne Chapter of  I.I. was held on Thursday 23rd January during the summer school holidays. Members of Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter conducted two Children's Ikebana Workshops at the MUJI Chadstone store. 

The workshops were led by Chieko Yazaki and assisted by Helen Marriott, Rachel Lok, Chiemi Daly and Jenny Loo. Our Chapter President, Trish Ward and two MUJI staff were also present.

The 45 minute workshops were designed for up to 10 children between 5 and 12 years of age. In all 18 children participated, some of whom were outside the planned age range. 

Chieko gave a brief talk about Ikebana and showed the basic structure by a sketch and then demonstrated the exercise.

Each child was given a plastic vase with oasis, a pair of hasami (scissors) and a bunch of material including: Emu grass, Gerberas & Alstromeria.

The children could hardly wait to start and worked enthusiastically finishing their arranging in 20 minutes.

The parents and helpers were busy watching children handle hasami safely and assisting where necessary. Mothers were busy taking photos of their children with final arrangements. 

The Children and mothers were very happy making their ikebana and were pleased to be able to take their creations home after the workshop. Some said that they will place the Ikebana arrangements on the Chinese New Year celebration table. 

The workshop was successful as it was conducted safely and everyone involved was happy. This workshop was the first such event at the MUJI Chadstone store and the culmination of many meetings over a period months between I.I. and MUJI management.

The children proudly received a Certificate of Achievement for participation, which was designed by Rachel Lok.

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