Saturday, 19 March 2016


This week the annual Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show has taken place. Ikebana International Melbourne has once again participated with a collaborative exhibit in which five schools are represented. The overall design was created by Keiko Mii of the Ohara School in consultation with the committee representing all schools. The design idea was to present an 'inner city oasis' in the form of a Japanese courtyard garden. Everyone was thrilled that the exhibit won a bronze medal. First is a photo of the exhibit on the morning of the show was opened.

The photo below has been altered to remove glare and extraneous details at the sides of the image. 

The following photos are of 'details' in the garden. 

The bronze bowl represents a well.

Ichiyo School

Ohara School

Sogetsu School

Ikenobo School

Shogetsudokoryu School

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