Sunday, 27 October 2019


This year, the 60th anniversary of the Melbourne Chapter of Ikebana International, has been a very busy one with many activities in addition to the monthly meetings and workshops. Some of these have been on a smaller scale involving fewer members but still presenting the art of Ikebana and promoting the activities of the Melbourne Chapter. 

Most recently, following the interest created by the members' workshop during the the Chapter visit to the Ripponlea Estate, we were invited to exhibit in the mansion to support the Botanica Festival on Sunday 20th October. This is a garden and sustainability festival that attracted 1,600 attendees to Ripponlea. Ten ikebana works were displayed in selected locations within the mansion. These were domestic scaled works that brought the fresh life of ikebana to both reception and private rooms.

Table in the Entrance Hall. Helen Marriott, Shogetsudo koryu School.

Side table in the Drawing Room. Felicia Huang, Ohara School.

Circular Table in the Drawing Room. Yukako Braun, Ikenobo School.

Small Table in the Conservatory. Margaret Wilson, Sogetsu School.

Table in the Sitting room. Marjorie Campkin-Smith, Sogetsu School.

Side table in the Sitting Room. Lorraine Langley, Ikenobo School.

Hall-table opposite the foot of the main staircase. Katrina Cunningham, Ichiyo School.

Table beside the main staircase. Josephine Tan, Ohara School.

Carved stone pedestal in Master Bedroom ensuite bathroom. Beverley Webster, Sogetsu School.

Breakfast table in Master Bedroom. Trish Ward, Sogetsu School. 

Editors note: This photograph is taken from the back of the arrangement for the purpose of showing the work in the context of the room.

Saturday, 12 October 2019


The theme of the October meeting was Japanese Day, an annual event on the calendar which focusses on some aspect of Japanese culture. This year the focus was on
 Wagashi (Japanese sweets) and Chabana (Tea Flowers). 


Our guest speaker was Minako Asai, the owner and chef of Minnie Sweets, a specialist company that makes traditional Japanese sweets, that are usually served with Japanese tea, Matcha

In her presentation Ms Asai emphasised the importance of Japanese aesthetics that goes into the making of these sweets, pointing out that we first eat with our eyes before we put them in our mouths.

Ms Asai demonstrated the complex methods and specialist tools used for making this beautifully crafted confectionary. 
Below are some examples of the Wagashi she made at the meeting.


As usual members created ikebana responding to the meetings theme.

Christopher James, Sogetsu School

Jenny Loo, Sogetsu School

Kim Ng, Ohara School

Josephine Tan, Ohara School

Lee Johnstone, Sogetsu School

Rachel Lok, Shogetsudo koryu School

Akemi Suzuki, Sogetsu School

Margaret Wilson, Sogetsu School

Reiko Ito, Sogetsu School

Beverley Webster, Sogetsu School

Margaret Leung, Sogetsu School

Anne Conrick, Ohara School

Greta Young, Sogetsu School

Emily Karanikolopoulos, Sogetsu School

Betty Karanikolopoulos, Sogetsu School

Toula Karanikolopoulos, Sogetsu School

Helen Marriott, Shogetsudo Koryu School

Kaye Wong, Ichiyo School

Saturday, 5 October 2019


The 2019 annual exhibition of the Melbourne Chapter was held over four days, Thursday to Sunday, in a vacant retail space in District Docklands, on the west side of the Melbourne central business district. The space was very large being approximately 10 metres X 16 metres. Because of the size of the space it was possible for the thirty one participating members to exhibit at the same time.

On the setup day the space was a hive of activity

Members set individual and collaborative works. 

Unfortunately the configuration of the space and the use of our Shoji screens made a photograph of the whole exhibition in one view impossible.

An invitation only, formal opening of the exhibition was held on the first evening. The Chapter President Mrs Trish Ward welcomed Mr Shota TOHARA, the Vice Consul of Japan, who gave a short speech and formally opened the exhibition. 

Below are photographs of the works in the exhibition.

Akemi Suzuki, Sogetsu School.

Angela Chau, Ikenobo School.

Belinda Au, Ohara School.

Chieko Yazaki, Shogetsudo koryu School.

Chiemi Daly, Shogetsudo koryu School.

Christopher James, Sogetsu School.

Emily Karanikolopoulos, Sogetsu School.

Felicia Huang, Ohara School.

Helen Marriott, Shogetsudo koryu School.

Ivy Loo, Ohara School.

Jenny Loo, Sogetsu School.

Josephine Tan, Ohara School.

Julie Ireland, Sogetsu School.

Katrina Cunningham, Ichiyo School.

Kaye Wong, Ichiyo School.

Kim Louey, Ichiyo School.

Kim Ng, Ohara School.

Lucy Papas, Sogetsu School.

Lyn Wong, Ohara School.

Margaret Leung, Sogetsu School.

Margaret Wilson, Sogetsu School.

Marina Dunn, Shogetsudo koryu School.

Midori Nakajima, Sogetsu School.

Naomi Cullen, Ichiyo School.

Nobuko Kobayashi, Ichiyo School.

Ohara School group exhibit: Felicia Huang, Ivy Loo, Kim Ng, Josephine Tan.

Pearl Yau, Sogetsu School.

Qin Li, Ichiyo School.

Rachel Lok, Shogetsudo koryu School.

Shogetsudo koryu School group exhibit:
Chieko Yazaki, Rachel Lok, Chiemi Daly, Helen Marriott, Marina Dunn. 

Swann Lam, Sogetsu School.

Trish Ward, Sogetsu School.

Yukako Braun, Ikenobo School.