Wednesday, 15 May 2019


The workshop held on Saturday 11th May was attended by 25 members. Saturday workshops are important because a number of the members are not able to attend weekday meetings owing to their work or other commitments. 

The workshop was led by Emily Karanilolopoulos, a senior Sogetsu School teacher. The theme she set was, 'Make an ikebana that express a (particular type of) movement'. This idea is taken from the advanced curriculum of the Sogetsu school of Ikebana.

Emily explained the concept of the workshop theme and encouraged members to experiment with this unfamiliar topic. She also suggested that if the idea was too unfamiliar that the attendees should work within the ethos of their ikebana school.

She then presented four previously prepared examples which are shown in the photos below.

Example one represents the movement of crawling, like a caterpillar.

Example two represented a person playing with a hoola hoop.

Example three represented the activity of fencing with swords.

Example four represented the flowing movement of water.

The photos below are of ikebana works made by the workshop participants. Unfortunately the movement represented by each of the arrangements was not able to be recorded at the time. That gives you a chance to make your own interpretations for them.

Lucy Papas, Sogetsu School

Thea Sartori, Sogetsu School

Dianne Zaviska, Sogetsu School

Aiko Nakada, Ohara School

Akemi Suzuki, Sogetsu School

Giselle Kett, Shogetsudo Koryu School

Greta Young, Sogetsu School

Lorraine Langley, Ikenobo School

Christopher James, Sogetsu School 

Ivy Loo, Ohara School

Janette Fonda, Sogetsu School

Josephine Tan, Ohara School

Judy Hajdu, Ohara School 

Julie Ireland, Sogetsu School

Kim Ng, Ohara School

Elizabeth Angell, Sogetsu School

Lyn Wong, Ohara School

Margaret Wilson, Sogetsu School

Marjorie Campkin-smith, Sogetsu School

Nicole MacDonald, Sogetsu School

Rachel Lok, Shogetsudo Koryu School

Swan Lam,  Sogetsu School

Toula Karanikolopoulos, Sogetsu School

Trish Ward, Sogetsu School