Saturday, 16 February 2019


Our meeting room was bursting at the seams for our first meeting of 2019 with 48 attendees, including 5 visitors. The theme for the day was Sumi-e (ink brush painting). We were very fortunate to have Emi Kamataki, a highly skilled Melbourne based practitioner of this art form as our guest speaker. 

Ms Kamataki, presented a fascinating introductory talk about sumi-e which she illustrated by showing the equipment and materials necessary for the artist. In addition she showed examples of her own work as a means of explaining different styles and techniques.

Following the guest speaker an ikebana demonstration was given by Midori Nakajima that was inspired by the theme of sumi-e.

Her arrangement in a modern metal vase included tortuous willow, chrysanthemum, casuarina and man-made material (split bamboo matting)

A total of 18 members had prepared individual ikebana arrangements on the days theme which are shown below.

Julie Ireland

Felicia Huang

Jennie Stewart

Helen Marriott

Rachael Lok

Chieko Yazaki

Lee Johnstone

Emily Karanikolopoulos

Akemi Suzuki

Lara Telford

Josephine Tan

Anne Conrick

Margaret Wilson

Marjorie Campkin-Smith

Lyn Wong

Aiko Nakada 

Christopher James

Judy Hajdu

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