Monday, 20 August 2018


On Tuesday the Annual General Meeting of Ikebana International Melbourne, Chapter 29 was held at the Toorak Uniting Church Hall. The committee was pleased to welcome two new members, Julie Ireland (a past president of the Chapter) and Chiemi Daly. Our colleague Margaret Wilson retired from the committee and we are most grateful for her valuable contribution to the work of the committee.

At the meeting a demonstration by each school was given. The following four photos are of ikebana arranged by the heads of school in Melbourne.

Naomi Cullen, Ichiyo School

Chieko Yazaki, Shogetsudokoryu School.

Christopher James, Sogetsu School.

Aiko Nakada, Ohara School.

This 'shimuptai' arrangement was by Julie Ayers, representing Yukako Braun head of the Ikenobo School.

The following arrangement were made by members at the meeting.

Elizabeth Angell, Sogetsu School.

Lee Johnstone, Sogetsu School.

Lyn Wong, Ohara School.

Kim Ng, Ohara School.

Beverley Webster, Sogetsu School.

Lara Telford, Sogetsu School.

Marjorie Campkin-Smith, Sogetsu School.

Betty Karanikolopoulos, Sogetsu School.

Toula Karanikolopoulos, Sogetsu School.

Thursday, 16 August 2018


The Melbourne Chapter of Ikebana International provided two large works for the Hiroshima Peace Day Service at St Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne. The service was held on Sunday 5th August and Trish Ward, I.I.President lit the Hiroshima Peace Candle. Mr Yoshimitsu Kawata, Deputy Consul-General of Japan, and his wife were present and Mr Kawata delivered the Message of Peace. This year marked 74th Anniversary of bombing of Hiroshima where.140,000 people perished. 74 small candles were provided which people were encouraged to light during the service. All speeches contained the same message that we will work towards a future without weapons of mass destruction.

This year the ikebana arrangements were made by members of the Ohara and the Ichiyo Schools 

This large arrangement in front of the pulpit, of blossom branches, chrysanthemum and dancing lady orchid was made by the Ohara members.

The second arrangement, placed in front of the lectern, was created by the Ichiyo members of the Chapter. They have used large monstera leaves and a mixture of Australian native and exotic flowers.

The Deputy Consul-General Mr Kawata and Mrs Kawata.

Saturday, 4 August 2018


The annual exhibition of the Melbourne Chapter was held in the lobby of the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins. The exhibition was for one week and concluded on Monday, 30th July. Because of the space available, length of the exhibition and the number of members who participated, the exhibition was divided into two 'sessions'.

The Sofitel is an established supporter of the arts community and a number of spaces in the hotel are used for exhibitions throughout the year. We are very grateful to the Sofitel for their support in being the hosting venue for this major event in our annual program. 

We used our shoji screens to define the space and provide additional backgrounds for the ikebana. This has meant it is not possible to give a single overall view of the exhibition.

The opening of the exhibition was held on the evening of Thursday 26th July. Mr Yoshimitsu Kawata, the Deputy Consul-General of Japan, and his wife were our honoured guests. Mr Kawata formally opened the exhibition on behalf of the Consul-General, Mr Matsunaga, who with his wife are the patrons of the Chapter.

Above the Deputy Consul-General, Mr Yoshimitsu Kawata and Mrs Trish Ward, President of Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter.

The first four photos of are of ikebana works by the Melbourne Chapter, Heads of ikebana Schools. These stayed in place over both sessions of the exhibition.

Chieko Yazaki, Head of the Shogetsudo Koryu School.

Christopher James, Head of the Sogetsu School.

Aiko Nakada, Head of the Ohara School, assisted by Lyn Wong. 

Naomi Cullen, Head of the Ichiyo School.

The next series of photos are works by individual members in the first session of the exhibition.

Judy Hajdu, Ohara School.

Kaye Wong, Ichiyo School.

Kyoko Imai, Sogetsu School.

Lee Johnstone, Sogetsu School.

Felicia Huang, Ohara School.

Chiemi Daly, Shogetsudo Koryu School.

Lorraine Langley, Ikenobo School.

Beverley Webster, Sogetsu School.

Margaret Wilson, Sogetsu School.

Lucy Papas, Sogetsu School.

Elizabeth Angell, Sogetsu School.

The following photographs are from the second session of the exhibition.

Lara Telford, Sogetsu School.

Helen Novic, Sogetsu School.

Trish Ward, Sogetsu School.

Julie Ayers, Ikenobo School.

Toula Karanikolopoulos, Sogetsu School.

Rie Sasaki, Ichiyo School.

Kim Louey, Ichiyo School.

Kim Ng, Ohara School.

Katrina Cunningham, Ichiyo School.

Ivy Loo, Ohara School.

Emily Karanikolopoulos, Sogetsu School.