Friday, 21 July 2017


On the 21st of June Chieko Yazaki, President and Christopher James, Vice-president of Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter, had the pleasure of meeting the new Consul-General of Japan Mr Matsunaga and Mrs Matsunaga. In the meeting both the Consul-General and Mrs Matsunaga agreed to become patrons of the Melbourne Chapter during their tenure in Melbourne.

In the Consul Generals office (left to right) Mrs Toyama Information and Culture, Ms Ishida Vice Consul, Mrs Matsunaga, Mr Matsunaga Consul-General of Japan, Mrs Yazaki President Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter, Mr James Vice-President Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter.

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The Chapter meeting on 15th July took the form of a Saturday afternoon workshop lead by Christopher James and was attended by 30 members and visitors. It being winter the workshop theme of 'Bare Branches' was appropriate for the season.

Christopher had prepared two examples on the theme and demonstrated a third.

This example was focusing on the shape of the branch as formed by the wind. A small group of green leaves gives the work a feeling of new life.

The second example focuses on the surface texture of the bare branch which is covered in yellow lichen.

The third example was a partially prepared 'no kenzan' arrangement of bare apricot branches in a suiban to which were added three tulips as a focus of colour. 

Below are some examples of work by members and visitors at the workshop.

Robyn Unglik

Helen Novic

Chieko Yazaki

Olive Cheng

Aiko Nakada

Lyn Wong


Lucy Papas

Emily Karanikolopoulos

Marcia Lamrock

Margaret Wilson

Lara Telford

Members were pleased to meet Mrs Matsunaga who, with her husband the Consul-General, are patrons of the Melbourne Chapter of Ikebana International. 

(L - R) Christopher James, Yoko Matsunaga and Chieko Yazaki.