Saturday, 24 June 2017


At the June meeting members who had attended the Ikebana International Convention in Okinawa gave an presentation illustrated with 'slides' about their experiences. All spoke about the pleasure of sharing their passion for ikebana with people from around the world as well as other experiences of being in Japan.

Those who participated in the exhibition were invited to re-created their exhibition work.

Cheiko Yazaki re-created her ikebana in two white ceramic troughs.

Elizabeth Angel re-created her arrangement using flexible, easy to carry, man-made materials teamed with colour matched flowers.

Unfortunately I was unable to photograph Emily Karanikolopoulos' work on the day. 

The two photographs above, are the original works Emily created in the member's demonstration session, in the presence of their Imperial Highnesses.

Other members of the Chapter created their own arrangements on the theme: Tropical Ikebana, inspired by the convention being in Okinawa. This challenge, in the Melbourne winter, was successfully met as you can see in the ikebana below.

Aiko Nakada

Lara Telford

Beverley Webster

Betty Karanikolopoulos

Lee Johnstone

Marcia Lamrock

Toula Karanikolopoulos

Dianne Zaviska

Nicole MacDonald

Philip Keon

Sally Wilkinson

Friday, 16 June 2017


Members of the Melbourne Chapter again participated in the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show this year. A combined exhibit of the five active ikebana schools in Melbourne was created. For the second year in a row the Ikebana International exhibit was awarded a Bronze Medallion. The photos below included some of the preparation and give an indication of the enormous amount of work that goes into this project each year.

As you can see the Japanese theme was powerfully communicated by the panoramic photo of the famous Tori Gate at the Miyajima Shrine.

In this photo President Chieko Yazaki is working on her arrangement.

The arrangement in the Flower Cart is by the Ohara members.

This work above is by members of the Ichiyo school.

Unfortunately he lack of side walls on the display area make it impossible to take a photo of the whole exhibit from the front. This is the left hand view. In the middle of this photo is a Rikka by members of the Ikenobo school.

This is the right hand side of the exhibit. With the Sogetsu school arrangement if the circular vessel at the front of the exhibit.

Congratulations are extended to Kaye Wong and the members her enthusiastic team who all contributed to this years exhibit.