Saturday, 22 April 2017


The 11th World Convention of Ikebana International was held in Okinawa from 12th to 17th April 2017. Among the events were demonstrations by the Iemotos of seven ikebana schools. Below are the final stage presentations of three of them. 

Ohara School

Ichiyo School

Sogetsu School

The next group of photos are the large scale arrangements in the exhibition hall representing some of the schools.

 Ohara School

Ikenobo School

Ichiyo School

Sogetsu School

Some members of the Melbourne Chapter participated in the exhibition at the Convention and their arrangements are shown below.

President Chieko Yazaki.

Vice President Christopher James

Elizabeth Angell 

Emily Karanikolopoulos

Emily Karanikolopoulos was also invited to be one of eight  members from around the world, who were asked to give a demonstration in the main hall.

This is what the main Exhibition Hall looked like at the welcoming dinner.

Emily was assisted by Eugenia Chudacek, also from the Melbourne Chapter. The audience included members of the Imperial family. 

Looking very focused and relaxed, Emily is arranging bird's nest fern and allium. 

This is Emily's finished work. Her second piece is below. 

The requirement was to make an arrangement in a glass vessel. Emily used native Australian, acacia aphylla, from her own garden and purple calla lilies.

Kazuko Yano, here with Emily, was a previously a member of the Melbourne Chapter, where she is warmly remembered. Kazuko was the M.C. at the demonstrations by individual members. 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

APRIL 2017

At the meeting on 11th April the theme was 'Autumn in a basket'. A demonstration was given by Lara Telford, which was followed by a workshop. Lara presented several arrangements on this theme, including using fruiting branches.

 Lara arranging cumquat in an unusual bottle shaped basket.

My apologies if the arrangements below are incorrectly identified, as I am creating this posting while in Japan. Christopher, Webmaster.

 Lara Telford

Lara Telford

Lara Telford

Lara Telford

 Lara Telford

The members at work during the workshop. Below are photos of some of the members' completed arrangements.

 Toula Karanikolopoulos

 Sally Wilkinson

 Rosemary Farrelly

Aiko Nakada

Judy Hajdu

 Student of Aiko Nakada (?).

Olive Cheng

Nichole MacDonald

Marcia Lamrock

Margaret Wilson

Lee Johnstone

Beverley Webster

Julie Ireland

Emily (visitor)

Trish Ward

Robyn Unglik