Saturday, 15 October 2016


The guest speaker at our October meeting was the French born florist and potter Mr Jean-Noel Cuzzucoli, who in addition to making ceramics, also teaches pottery at his shop-front in the small town of Monbulk. At the meeting he told us that he was the third generation of his family to work as a florist. He said he developed an interest in ceramics many years ago as a way to provide more interesting vessels for clients of his floristry business. Below is a photo of some of the examples of his work he brought to the meeting.

The ikebana demonstrator this month was Lucy Papas who explained how she had created a tall vessel from a length of bamboo by cutting a narrow section out of its length. 

Lucy first created a simple naturalistic arrangement in the vessel...

...and then a modern arrangement in the same vessel.

Members at the meeting also displayed their own arrangements.

Philip Keon

Christopher James

Eiko Roskam

Cheiko Yazaki

Lee Johnstone

Lorraine Langley

Lara Telford

Toula Karanilolopoulos

Emily Karanikolopoulos

Finally a group photo of the members at the meeting.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Celebrating our senior members

The theme of the September meeting was 'Professor Sadler's Ikebana Passion'. Rosemary Farrelly and Pat Hetrel introduced his book, "The Art of Flower Arrangement of Japan" , written by Professor Sadler in 1933. Rosemary's husband, who became a fluent Japanese speaker, had joined the RAAF at age 18 and studied Japanese with Professor Sadler at the RAAF School of Languages in Sydney in 1944 - 45.  She came across his book long after she started studying ikebana and talked fondly about Professor Sadler's life and his view of Ikebana. Pat Hetrel also spoke about Prof Sadler's private garden at Rivenhall.

There is a biographical article about Professor Sadler on the Australian Dictionary of Biography website.

At the request of Rosemary a demonstration of a traditional Shoka arrangement was given by Qui Nguyen of the Ikenobo School.

A special birthday celebration was held for three longstanding members of the Melbourne Chapter. This year Rosemary Farrelly and Helen Novic had their 90th birthdays and Peg Price celebrated her 92nd birthday. We wish them good health and happiness, always.

Below are some photos of ikebana made by members at the meeting.

Pat Hetrel

Philip Keon

Elizabeth Angell

Betty Karanikolopoulos

Toula Karanikolopoulos

Nicole MacDonald

Lee Johnstone

Rosemary Hordern

Emily Karanikolopoulos