Sunday, 11 September 2016


This year's annual exhibition of the Melbourne Chapter of Ikebana International opened on Tuesday 6th September. The exhibition is taking place in three sessions over 10 days closing on Friday 16th September. 

The Chapter President Chieko Yazaki welcomed Ms Keiko Hanada the Consul-General of Japan who spent an hour viewing the exhibition and discussing various subtleties of ikebana.

The five Schools of Ikebana in Melbourne were each represented by a larger work.

The Sogetsu School
Lara Telford, Trish Ward and Beverley Webster 

The Ohara School
Eiko Roskam and Keiko Mii

The Ichiyo School
Kaye Wong, Kim Louey and Elishia Zhang

 The Ikenobo School 
Yukako Braun

The Shogetsudo Koryu School
Chieko Yazaki and Yoshie Arai

The following photos are of the individual arrangements. 

Pat Hetrel

Lee Johnstone

Chieko Yazaki

Helen Gray

Toula Karanikolopoulos

Qui Nguyen

Yoshie Arai

Lucy Papas 

Kaye Wong

Emily Karanikolopoulos

Naomi Cullen

Joy Manie

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