Wednesday, 31 August 2016


On Sunday 7th August a service was held at St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne for which large ikebana arrangements were created by member's of Ikebana International, Melbourne Chapter. The service was attended by the Deputy Consul-General of Japan Mr Takeshi Tanabe who delivered a message of peace.

Above member's of the Ohara School with Pam Smart from the Hiroshima Peace Day Committee, and their ikebana in front of the lectern. Left to right: Eiko Roskam, Aiko Nakada, Pam Smart and Lyn Wong.


Members of the Ichiyo School set up their ikebana in front of the pulpit. In this photo are Kaye Wong, Naomi Cullen and Felicia Zhang from the Ichiyo School with Pam Smart and two members of the Cathedral Flower Guild.

This year the spectacular arrangements remained in place for the rest of the week. Further information about the service can be seen on the website of St Paul's Cathedral Melbourne .

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