Sunday, 17 July 2016


12th July 2016
The guest speaker for the July meeting was Dr Yasuhisa Watanabe from the Asia Institute, Faculty of Arts at Melbourne University. Dr Watanabe is a lecturer in Japanese language and culture with a special interest in cross cultural communication in the context of business in Japan. His presentation was titled, 'Face and  Politeness, how complaints can be expressed', which he illustrated with an example of dealing with noise coming from a neighbour's house.

Dr Watanabe and Chieko Yazaki, President of Ikebana International Melbourne.

The demonstration was given by Emily Karanikolopoulos, who stepped in at short notice to demonstrate 'An arrangement to be seen form all around'.

Emily pointed out the importance in this arrangement, of each angle having its own focus and a different appearance.

Below are other arrangements prepared by some of the members present at the meeting.

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