Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Visit to the National Gallery of Victoria

On Wednesday 18th March 30 members and friends of the Melbourne Chapter of Ikebana International attended a 'floor-talk' at the National Gallery of Victoria given by Wayne Crothers, curator of Asian Art. He took us through the beautiful exhibition of textiles and ceramics in the current, Mingei Exhibition, in the Pauline Gandal Gallery of Japanese Art. One of the objects on display is a large ceramic vessel that you can see by clicking on the following link: Shigaraki storage vessel. Craft work of this kind inspired the artists of the mingei movement to create beautiful handmade work for daily living.

We then went to the temporary exhibition space where Mr Crothers spoke to us about the modern sculpture by Takahiro Iwasaki that was commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria called Reflection Model Itsukushima

If you click on the blue text you can read Wayne Crothers extensive essay Reflection Model Itsukyshima

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